Monday, December 13, 2010

What Authors Have to Say To Kristi!

"When I worked in teen services at the library, I visited Kristi’s blog nearly every day to check out her latest reviews, author interviews and to get news on new and upcoming books. I would always send our teen patrons to her site when they asked me about book recommendations. Now that I’m a full time author, I love reading Kristi’s blog for all the same reasons but also because she often provides added insight into publishing industry. And of course, as always, I love reading her fantastic reviews!" --Kelly Creagh, Author of Nevermore

"Kristi was one of the very first bloggers to have Oh. My. Gods. on her reading radar. She posted one of my first reviews and one of my first guest blogs. She has been with me every step of my publishing journey so far and I can't wait to see where the path takes us next. Happy anniversary, Kristi!" -- Terry Lynn Childs, Author of Oh. My Gods.

"Kristi is an incredible, positive presence in the blogging community. Her reviews and informative posts educate bloggers and book-lovers alike. Her work promoting debut authors is invaluable. Happy Blog-O-Versary, Kristi, and thanks for all you do!" --Andrea Cremer, Author of Nightshade

"Kristi has been with me from the beginning as a great reader, a great champion, a great blogger and an all around great person. I'm so proud to call her one of my blogger-friends...I'm so honored to be one of
her author-friends. Happy Anniversary to The Story Siren, and many thanks to Kristi for her wonderful work!" --Sarah MacLean, Author of The Season

"Kristi has been utterly fantastic about helping to promote my debut novel, A BLUE SO DARK.  Her glowing review sparked immediate interest, encouraging other bloggers to buy and post their own reviews for BLUE.  Beyond that, though, Kristi is so much fun to interact with--I have absolutely adored getting a chance to meet and "talk" to her online!  She's simply one of the best bloggers out of the reasons the YA book blogging community is so vibrant.  I speak for many other YA authors when I say we're so, so lucky to have her." --Holly Schindler, author of A BLUE SO DARK and PLAYING HURT
Holly Schindler has generously donated a signed A BLUE SO DARK bookmark! Leave a comment with a way to get in touch with you!


  1. The story siren is pretty awesome! and so are these authors



    I just wanted to thank the authors for their kind words here.
    All the best,

  3. I don't really know what to say here, since it's just more and more author praise. Please enter me in the contest.

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  4. Just awesome ! There is no other word ! =)
    I want to be like her ! :P

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  5. Amazing.


  6. It's amazing what you achieve Kristi!! you should feel very very proud for this demostration of affection. And whoever it's behind this, you are awesome...organize all this, such a hard work, you deserve a congrats too ^^


  7. As as a small town librarian looking forward to building our teen collection in 2011 (and a teen book club) I am thrilled to have a resource like Kristi's! As reader, I'm even more thrilled!

    stywrk (at) telusplanet (dot) net

  8. It is pretty amazing to see how many authors love to work with Kristi, but really I knew everyone would love her - she works so hard on her blog and she is such a fun person to know.

    Cheers Kristi!


  9. Wow! When authors like these have time to write words about you, you know you're important. You rock, Kristi :)

  10. As Deb said above, Kristi is an amazing resource, She is definitely a voice that can be trusted in getting the latest news and opinions of YA books for the YA section at my library too. I check The Story Siren often for books to recommend on out orders. Congrats Kristi.

    BookNoise at gmail dot com

  11. Kristi is one Siren I love to listen to, her reviews have not led me astray yet and her advice has been the biggest reason why my blog is swimming. Alright, enough with the cliches. Kristi, you are one rockin' Siren, happy Blog'O'Versary!

    BellaCarolina33 (AT) aim (dot) com

  12. I really amazes me how much she's accomplished in these three years. She is sort of a Superwoman!

  13. fab comments!! Kristi really deserves them all

    kirstylouiseconnor (at)

  14. THANK YOU! ladies.... i so appreciate all of you, and i loved your books so!! you're awesome!

  15. Congratulations Kristi! She has an awesome blog and I must say she is a real inspiration! Thanks for the people who is doing the appreciation week, it's a wonderful thing to do!

    gungorgercek (at) yahoo (dot) com