Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Bloggers Have To Say To Kristi (1)

In addition to authors, there are many book bloggers who have some things to say to Kristi:

Kristi over at The Story Siren is one of the nicest bloggers I’ve come across while blogging.  She’s also a fountain of knowledge about anything and everything in the YA world which I’ve come to appreciate a whole bunch.  The way that she reaches out to help newbie bloggers and even newbie authors with her Debut Author Challenge is nothing short of amazing and I admire the amount of work she puts into her blog because while my blog is all about me, Kristi’s blog is all about the reader and that’s totally worthy of my admiration.  When I first started The Book Scoop, Kristi took the time to give me a warm welcome and it totally made my month.  She’s like a blogging celebrity and I was touched that she took the time to stop by for a quick visit. Her blog posts are always thoughtful and helpful and really, there just isn’t another blogger quite like her.  Kristi rocks and I’m very appreciative of everything she does for the YA community and what she does for blogging in general.  Happy Story Siren Appreciative Week!             -- Rowena at The Book Scoop

Kristi means a lot to me and my blogging! She is the one who gave me the ambition to start my own blog! Also on those long days when everything about your blog and blogging goes wrong, she is always there to save your template or ask that dire question that needed to be answered. I have e-mailed Kristi so many times since I started blogging! She is there for moral support and always makes me feel better! I participated in the 2010 DAC and it was my favorite challenge of the year and I look forward to DAC 2011. I also can not get enough of IMM! I love watching Kristi's vlogs and they inspired me to start vlogging as well. I can not say enough about what a great friend Kristi is and how much her presence in the book blogging world means to me!
                                                                                                           -- Erika at Moonlight Book Reviews

Kristi's blog was one of the first I started reading on a regular basis.  She's been super supportive of my blog ever since I started it, doing things like allowing me to participate in Backstage Blogging, but also has tons of awesome stuff on her blog like IMM and the Debut Author Challenge.  Plus, i always love talking to her on Twitter about things like dogs, or just life in general.  Thanks for being so awesome, Kristi!

I started book blogging only a few months after Kristi, and her book blog was one of the first I discovered when I started looking for other blogs in our community.  The blogging landscape was WAY different (and way smaller) back then, and I know we all took cues from each other to build up the blogs we have today.  Kristi puts so much work into her blog and has definitely earned all her success and popularity.  I still get excited to see a new post from her in my Google reader.  Happy blogoversary Kristi!                       

I stumbled upon Kristi's blog quite by accident. I remember the first thing that really drew me in, was the title of her blog: The Story Siren.  As a huge lover of books and mythical sea creatures, you could say that she had me hooked before I even browsed through the actual contents of her blog. The concept of book blogs were still a relatively new concept to me at the time and as someone who had no idea how to approach or go about starting my own book blog, stumbling upon Kristi's blog was pretty much a heaven sent guide to me (and I'm sure many other bloggers). I spent the next couple of months playing blog voyeur, bookmarked her blog and started becoming an avid fan and devoted reader of her blog. Here was someone with a real, conversational, chatty voice whose love for reading simply just radiated (and still does) with each and every single word she types. Extremely generous, she not only spotlights fantastic new authors and books, but her willingness to share the wealth of knowledge that she's picked up from the book world and from working with various publishers has always been something that I've really appreciated and it's something that I'll never take for granted. Kristi, you''re a shining star in our book blogging community. Thank you for a real, shining presence, for the fantastic giveaways that you host, but mostly for making the time to always get back to us with any questions we may have - and all this while you still have a full-time job.  Happy blogaversary - and thank you for what you mean to the book blogging community. Here's to many more years of fabulous book blogging posts, interesting discussion points and wonderful, opinion-based (as opposed to academic based) book reviews!                                                                        - Tammy at The Book Fairy Haven

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