Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Bloggers Have to Say About Kristi (3)

Hey Kristi! Happy Blogoversary! Yours was the first blog I came across - at that time I didn't even know book blogs existed! You not only inspired me to start blogging but also to start reading YA fiction again. You have been one of the most helpful bloggers around . I look forward to "Dear Story Siren" every week because I always learn something new .Next year I will be participating in the 2011 Debut Author Challenge for the first time. I am really excited about it and think its a fantastic idea! Thank you for all that you have done and all that you have contributed to the blogging community! May you have infinite more blogoversaries...."    ---Misha from My Love Affair With Books

Kristi has been one of the friendliest faces in the YA blogging community. She comments on blogs, works really hard to promote so many bloggers, new and old alike, and she is always willing to offer advice or help. I love how she has brought the YA blogging community together to support debut authors. Not only have I read and connected with new authors but I get a chance to be part of the broader blogging community. Thanks Kristi! Also Dear Story Siren is one of my favorite features to read and learn from. -- Sarah from YA Librarian Tales

"The best thing about Kristi is that, despite her three years of blogging experience and over 3000 blog followers, 4000 readers by Feedburner, and 700,000+ blog visitors, she remains one of the easiest bloggers to talk to about ANYTHING! Every time I've met Kristi has been a blast. She is just so down to earth, friendly, and passionate, and sincerely excited to talk to everyone. When she talks to you, she makes you feel as if SHE is the lucky one to be having the conversation. The YA blogging world is lucky to have Kristi!"
-- Steph Su from Steph Su Reads

Kristi is all over YA like white on rice, her knowledge on the genre and what it has to offer is astronomical. She deserves all the praise she gets because you can tell she works damn hard for it. As willing to offer help and advice to a newbie now as she was when I first met her. The blogging world just wouldn't be the same without her. She is THE ya blogger. Happy third blogoversary lovely!- Carla from The Crooked Shelf

Kristi, you were one of the first bloggers to contact me when I started Reading Vacation.  Your advice to me is still the very best advice I have gotten - be yourself and have fun.  Now, when a new blogger asks me for advice, that is the same advice I pass on to them.  It is also the thing that I like best about you, Kristi.  You are not afraid to be a little different on your blog and you have fun doing it.  Walking the walk!  Thank you for setting such a great example and for making this young blogger feel like a part of the book blogging family.  Oh, and thank you for sending some surprise books to me when I was first starting out - and stating very clearly to my parents that you are not "some crazy lady on the internet."  Well, you might be a little CrAzY sometimes, but it's only in a good way!  I really appreciate what you do for all of us and for doing it with a smile.  Love you Kristi!  --Melina from Reading Vacation

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  1. you all are so sweet. and i can't thank you enough for your kind words. i appreciate all of you!!