Friday, December 17, 2010

What Bloggers Have to Say About Kristi (5)

Kristi is like the Queen of Queens. She's the leader, the sweetheart and the one thing we all have in common. People who think she's mean or bitchy definitely don't know her at all! She was indeed the inspirer of my blog and the one I have always turned to when I need expert advise. She's lived the drama and, like all of us long time bloggers, grew past that. Kristi: you are awesomeness and no matter how many hate mail you get we ALL admire you and look up to you somehow. I really do admire what you've created and your passion for this hobby we've taken. You'll always inspire me. -- Sab at YA Bliss

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kristi yet (aside from email hello!), but in my first year of blogging she has been a great support!  I appreciate her positive attitude and her clear respect for authors, bloggers, publishers, and others in the book industry.  I value how she embraces community from hosting In My Mailbox, to offering opportunities for authors and publishers to have a voice on her blog, to sharing and answering questions from other bloggers.  I wish her all the best as she celebrates her three year blogoversary and enters her 4th year! -- Em from Love YA Lit

In the two years that i have been blogging I have spent a majority of that time reading The Story Siren or participating in TSS events.  Krisit is proof that one doesn't need to be aggressive in their reviewing approach or marketing to have a popular blog.  She's used her high profile to spotlight those that need it more - debut authors, new bloggers and clarifying the murky waters of YA blogging.  Knowledge is power and Krisit has chosen to share hers with the collective body of YA bloggers - she is admirable and passionate. -- Adele from Persnickety Snark

If The Story Siren blog did not exist, neither would mine. Kristi has inspired so many bloggers—myself included—to enter the vast unknowns of book blogging. The Story Siren was the first book blog I ever saw, and to this day it is still my favorite. Kristi only posts quality reviews, fantastic giveaways, insightful interviews, and so much more. The vast majority of bloggers look up to Kristi and The Story Siren, as it is many of ours’ number one inspiration in the book blogging world. Thank you, Kristi, you are truly an inspiration and a role model. My life would be so different without you and your blog. --Alex from Electrifying Review

I love going to her blog just to check things out. I think that her IMM Meme is awesome. It gives me and everyone else in the book community, a chance every week to add (to my already long list) more books that I've never heard of, or have seen but just didn't know much about -- Ashley from Bookaholic Anonymous

I stumbled on one of Kristi's IMM videos earlier this year and I loved her personality (it was one where she was doing her happy dance). It inspired me to start my own book blog (I've blogged before but I never thought there were people who blogged about books)! So thank you Kristi, for opening this whole new world to me! -- Marie from Marie Loves Books


  1. Glad to see my words to Kristi shared! Thanks for hosting this week :)

  2. Thank you all so very much!!! THis means so much to me!